Our History

High-Tek Harness Enterprise Co Ltd was established in 1984, started out as computer wire manufactures. We went IPO in Taiwan in 2005; In 2009, High-Tek covered a quarter's share of global market. Given the rise of trend in global blockchain technology and cross-industries integration , High-Tek Corporate Group was established in 2017 including more business sectors under our belt with a mind to better integrate all industries.

High-Tek Group

High-Tek Group is headquartered in Nangang District, Taipei. Our subsidiary businesses include electronic device manufacturing, energy engineering, urban planning, medical and fintech technology. Foreign branches and factories locate from Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Kunshan, Chongqing, Qingdao; business sectors cross from electronics, engineering, agriculture, architecture, medical technology and fintech.